Whether you use your pickup to haul equipment for work or to move furniture for friends and family, your truck bed is prone to wear and tear. Protecting your vehicle with a spray on bed liner reduces the chance of damage and keeps it looking new.

Unlike plastic drop-in liners, spray on coatings are custom fitted to the exact specifications of your vehicle. This makes them more attractive, easier to maintain, and safer.


The truck bed is one of the most abused parts of any pickup. The heavy loads, daily wear and tear, and harsh weather can quickly deteriorate the original paint job or leave dents and dings. A good quality truck bed liner can protect the truck from these damages and keep the resale value high. The most popular types of truck bed liners are mats, plastic or drop-in liners, and spray-on coatings. Spray-on coatings are generally made of polyurethane or a hybrid chemistry and are applied to the bed using specialized equipment. These coatings provide a smooth surface, prevent damage to the bed, and protect cargo from punctures. Popular brands include LINE-X and RAPTOR.

Although it is possible to apply a truck bed liner at home, it requires a lot of work and the right tools. The best solution is to hire a body shop like Bullet Liner USA that already has the necessary equipment and experience spraying polyurethane. The process includes cleaning the bed, sanding, and then applying the liner. Typically, the entire process is completed within one day

Many businesses choose to use spray-on liners because they don’t have to worry about the fit, which isn’t as critical as a drop-in liner. They also have a rough surface that helps prevent cargo from sliding around, and they offer dent protection for the bed and sides of the truck.

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spray on truck bed liner is a great way to protect your truck and cargo from damage. It can withstand dents, scratches, and other wear-and-tear that might otherwise affect the value of your truck. While minor wear and tear may be unavoidable, a liner can help prevent it from compounding over time, saving you money in repair costs in the long run

It is important to use the right safety measures when working with spray polyurethane, as it contains MDI (isocyanate) and other chemicals. MDI exposure can cause asthma and other respiratory problems in workers, so it’s important to take steps to protect yourself. This includes following all manufacturer instructions, using personal protective equipment (PPE), and using good ventilation practices.

If you want to start a spray-on bed liner business, it’s essential to receive training from a professional in the field. This will ensure that you are trained to safely operate and maintain equipment as well as handle the chemical. A certified expert in the field can also teach you how to make the best use of the spray-on bed liner process and ensure that your customers are safe.

Unlike preformed liners, spray-on bed liners are customized to fit the contours of each truck bed. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors. Additionally, these coatings are waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They also have sound deadening properties, reducing noise from the engine and road.


A good spray-on bed liner will protect your truck’s paint and prevent corrosion from dirt, debris, and moisture. It is also easy to clean and maintain. This is a great investment for any vehicle owner. It will help to preserve the resale value of your pickup.

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Preparation is the key to a successful spray-on bed liner application. It is important to clean the truck bed and prime all bare metal areas before applying the spray-on product. If you skip this step, the bond between your spray-on bed liner and your truck’s surface may break down or peel over time. It is also important to ensure that the bed liner application area is free from wind and other contaminants during the curing process, which can take anywhere from several hours to a full day.

Spray-on truck bed liners provide a smooth surface for loading and unloading cargo, and they will reduce noise on the highway. They will also protect your cargo from rust and corrosion. However, you must be careful when choosing a spray-on bed liner kit because not all products are created equal.

A quality Rhino Linings bed liner is durable, abrasion-resistant, and will stand up to petroleum products, fertilizers, and chemicals. It will also help to preserve the resale or trade-in value of your truck. To get the most out of your truck, you should choose a spray-on bed liner that is applied by trained and certified Ziebart technicians.


The cost of a spray-on truck bed liner can vary depending on the region and the shop. Shops can make a significant profit on this job. Some charge as little as $425 while others can charge $700 or more if you want a color tint or tailgate coverage. Regardless of the price, you should compare prices to find the best deal.

A quality spray-on bed liner will protect your pickup from damage when hauling cargo and from harsh elements like water, dirt, and sun exposure. This will help you maintain the value of your truck and save you money on maintenance costs.

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In comparison to drop in liners, spray on bed liners are custom-fit and form an air and water tight seal on the truck bed. They can be installed without any major preparation work and are easy to move when it comes time to sell your vehicle or upgrade.

Spray-on liners are also tough and resistant to dents, scrapes, scratches, and corrosion. The polyurethane coating also absorbs vibration and prevents damage to the cargo in your truck bed. It is also resistant to most chemicals and can be used in rough weather conditions. In addition, it can protect the underlying metal structure of your truck from rust and corrosion, allowing you to keep your current truck for longer.