Marketing for tradies involves building an online presence and growing your business. It’s hard to compete in the tradie industry without having a clear, well-defined marketing strategy.

A strong marketing strategy includes research to understand your audience. Surveys, customer feedback and market analysis are valuable tools for this. This enables you to create messaging that resonates with your audience.

1. Identify your target audience

Creating marketing that works for your business can feel like swinging blindly in the dark, hoping to luck out and stumble upon something that actually does the job. And not doing any marketing at all can be a one-way ticket to closing up shop for good.

The first step in any successful marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. This involves delving deep into the demographics and geographic locations of your potential customers to understand their needs, pain points, and motivations. This information will help you craft marketing messages that are relevant and relatable.

For example, tradies deal with people’s most prized possessions, so it pays to give off the impression that they are both professional and trustworthy. Similarly, many tradies work in sensitive environments, so it is important to be open about any risks that may be involved. And finally, tradies often handle expensive equipment, so it’s crucial to show that they are both experienced and insured. This will give your prospects peace of mind and allow them to make an informed decision.

2. Invest in a mobile-friendly website

Mobile phones have smaller screens than desktop monitors – it’s a fundamental difference that impacts how websites are designed and read. Google recognises that navigating sites that aren’t optimised for phone screens is difficult, which is why it gives mobile-friendly websites priority in search results. Investing in a mobile-friendly website is a technical process that may require the help of My Tradie Site to complete. But it’s a worthwhile investment, given that many of your callouts and quotes will be from customers who found you through mobile search.

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Tradies are always on the go, travelling between jobs or working on sites where they can’t bring a laptop. This means they need to rely on their phones to find and contact businesses – especially when dealing with emergencies like burst pipes or gas leaks. Many of these callouts will be from people who are away from home, with only their phones available to find a plumber to visit them ASAP.

5. Invest in online advertising

Online advertising is a key part of any marketing for tradies. It can help them reach new customers and drive business growth. It can also help them cultivate repeat business, which is a big part of what tradies need to succeed.

Whether they are plumbers, roofers, building designers or painters, tradies need to invest in online advertising to get work. A well-thought-out Google AdWords campaign can help them show up higher in search results, and target prospects who are looking for their services.

Moreover, Facebook and Instagram ads are an effective way to reach potential customers. These social media platforms offer an easy way to connect with potential clients and answer questions. It can also be used to promote deals and discounts on their services.

Another option is retargeting. Retargeting allows businesses to display ads to people who have already visited their website or viewed their product pages. This is done by placing a piece of code on their website that identifies visitors. This information is then used to target them with Facebook and Google ads in the future.